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Nubbin’s dam had to have a C-section because her first born, Nubbin herself, was stuck. Bingo could not push her out. All that was presented was a tail. We had been in constant contact with our vet and he recommended that I grab the tail and help with the delivery when the dam pushed. All I managed to do was break her tiny tail.

The on-call vet did an emergency C-section, liberating a limp, broken-tailed, calico kitten. I was able to be in the surgical suite and help revive the kittens. I could not get this little calico to start breathing. She had been stuck in the birth canal for over 3 hours. I put her aside and accepted another kitten to stimulate and warm up. The vet tech picked up the limp calico and worked his magic on her. She pinked up and started to breathe. She has had a special place in our hearts since that tail first appeared!

Bingo had 6 kittens late that Sunday night and all survived. The calico girl had her tail removed at the broken vertebrae and thus the name “Nubbin.” The kittens grew, and we were very proud of the litter. Five of the six folded and Nubbin was a gorgeous straight ear that we were proud to keep as a potential breeder.

Four of her fe littermates were doing very well at kitten shows. We were new breeders and were starting to hear about a genetic problem called PKD. We discussed the controversial disease with her sire's breeder, and we decided to test Nubbin’s sire and dam.

Our next project was to learn as much as possible about PKD and the best methods to test for it. Who does ultrasounds? What training is necessary? What strength machine is best? This research was one of the reasons this site was created. We hope to let our experience help someone else get a head start on learning about PKD and ultrasounds.

The first one to be tested was her Grand Champion sire and C-Gemz’s first Scottish Fold. He was positive. I was able to watch the entire procedure which is painless and quick. I could see the normal gray collecting areas and the dark black pits that occurred at irregular intervals in the scan of his kidneys. He was altered that day. Nubbin's se dam and se 1/2 sister were negative.

We had Nubbin scanned at 8 months and she was negative. We realized that each kitten had a 50% chance of being free from PKD. We continued to show 4 of her siblings. Three had multiple finals and were grand pointed PR’s and one Champion who had multiple finals. Eventually, the Champion was altered and all 5 siblings were placed in pet homes. They were never scanned. We were hoping that Nubbin would be negative. We would preserve the special qualities of this litter through her.

We took Nubbin back in to be re-scanned at 14 months. The problem with PKD is that it can express itself differently in each case. It was getting close to breeding time for Nubbin and we wanted to be sure she was negative. Again, I was able to watch the ultrasound. I knew the results before our vet said them. She had a few of the dreaded cysts that indicate PKD. We realize that we can breed PKD out of her line by scanning and breeding responsibly, but we chose to spay her and end the PKD problem in her and her sire’s line. She is an adorable Scottish Fold and has a good prognosis. We hope she will enjoy being shown as an HHP. She is still a very special Fold.

The story does not end there. Don't give up on PKD positive pets. Nubbin is being shown now as a Household Pet and doing very well. She is a Supreme Grand Master.

Nubbin finished the 2000/2001 TICA show season a real winner!! She was the number one Household Pet in the region which consists of Texas, Mexico, and Oklahoma. The best news was that she finished #11 Household Pet in the world! WAY TO GO NUBBIN!!! CHEERS FOR STRAIGHT EARS!!!

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